Voice-over IP (VoIP)

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    Just because your company hasn’t spanned the globe yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of Voice Over IP (VOIP). Used as a foundation for productive and cost-effective communication, VOIP can reap big benefits for your small or mid-sized business. And with an increasingly competitive market, it’s not as expensive as you may think to outfit your firm with a feature-rich VOIP solution that will pay dividends from day one. Let GrahamGolden Technologies help you select the right equipment for your business needs, and properly install it to ensure reliable service.

    We provide a full range of VoIP services including on-premise, hosted, and remote office solutions.  Each of these solutions provides significant advantages in terms of flexibility, scalability, and reduced costs when compared with traditional analog systems.

    Hosted solutions – These generally have a lower cost of entry and faster deployment.  Handsets may be rented or purchased reducing initial cost; however, the seat cost will generally exceed the total cost of ownership of an on-premise solution.  The burden of configuration and management is handled by the service provider.  Drawbacks include fewer features, limited product choices, and less control over quality of service.

    On-premise Solutions – These offer the best long term value, but have a higher initial cost.  Equipment is usually purchased, giving you a broader range of product choices.  Owning your equipment also gives you greater control over the configuration of dialing plans, voicemail, ring tones, and handset behavior.  On-premise systems take longer to set up and place the responsibility for ongoing configuration on the customer.

    Remote Office Solutions – On-premise solutions may be complemented by remote office functionality. With advances in Internet connection speeds and reliability, remote offices (or home offices) can have the same VoIP functionality that their main location has, including direct extension dialing and conferencing abilities. With software-based phones (softphones), your extension can travel anywhere your laptop can.


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