• IMG_6515Network & Server Infrastructure Services

    Large organizations need a server infrastructure that supports changing demands and offers strategic value. A well-planned server environment should deliver an optimum level of performance, availability, and efficiency.

    GrahamGolden Technologies applies meticulous planning and time-tested methodologies to developing a robust infrastructure aligned with your IT business goals. Let us help your business identify needs and leverage solutions such as virtualization to provide the highest level of productivity and return on investment for your firm.

    Below are just a few of the core infrastrucure services GrahamGolden provides:

    Microsoft Servers – GGT has years of experience implementing and maintaining robust server environments leveraging Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Databases.

    Data Management – Data is arguably an organization’s most valuable asset, and managing data storage is essential for business continuity. From an entry-level file server to a redundant Storage Area Network (SAN), GTT can assess your data storage needs and recommend an appropriate solution.

    Cloud-based Solutions – Investing in expensive equipment just to host one or two specialized applications may not be cost-effective. Meanwhile, Cloud-based storage and application services have matured into versatile and reliable alternatives that can save money and reduce IT management overhead. Let our expertise help you decide if Cloud-based solutions are right for your business / a smart complement to your technology infrastructure.

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