• IMG_6567Network & Server Infrastructure Services

    Growing small and mid-sized businesses can’t afford disruptions stemming from unreliable servers requiring frequent attention. GrahamGolden Technologies works with SMB clients to build a reliable IT foundation that meets their existing needs and accommodates future growth.

    Below are just a few of the core infrastrucure services GrahamGolden provides:

    Microsoft Servers – GGT has years of experience implementing and maintaining robust server environments leveraging Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Databases.

    Data Management – Data is arguably an organization’s most valuable asset, and managing data storage is essential for business continuity. From an entry-level file server to a redundant Storage Area Network (SAN), GTT can assess your data storage needs and recommend an appropriate solution.

    Cloud-based Solutions – Investing in expensive equipment just to host one or two specialized applications may not be cost-effective. Meanwhile, Cloud-based storage and application services have matured into versatile and reliable alternatives that can save money and reduce IT management overhead. Let our expertise help you decide if Cloud-based solutions are right for your business / a smart complement to your technology infrastructure.

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