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    Strategic Planning Services

    It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re managing the daily IT needs of a large organization. Technology tunnel vision closes in and you become focused on putting out fires and keeping pace with patches and essential upgrades. But in this challenging economic climate, it’s more important than ever to perform routine assessments of business needs and determine how IT can best support your goals.

    At GGT, we’ve worked with a wide range of organizations to develop ongoing strategic planning initiatives. Let us support you [or guide you?] in the ongoing process of evaluating business needs and developing plans to provide the most efficient and productive work environment possible.

    Our Strategy and Assessment Services help you achieve these key goals:

    Aligning Technology with Organizational Priorities – Successful IT initiatives are those with agendas that clearly support the organization’s priorities. We provide a planning process for technology that makes clear the connection between technology goals and the firm’s priorities.

    Disseminating Understanding of Technology Requirements and Limitations – The planning process is an excellent vehicle for sharing information with all firm members on current operations, proposed changes, and constraints of technology. We help you take advantage of this opportunity to allow staff to voice concerns and desired improvements.

    Creating Alliances with Executives – Technology endeavors enjoy greater success when key executives have a sense of ownership. We help you create buy-in with these busy individuals by providing an efficient means for them to understand the importance of IT initiatives and participate as appropriate in identifying and shaping them.

    Assessing Existing Needs and Projecting Future Needs – Planning for the future is accomplished in part through a reactive process of addressing existing unmet needs. By accurately gauging current needs, we help you more effectively project required future improvements.

    Developing Funding Requirements – Often, the most challenging aspects of planning are determining a budget, lobbying for financial backing, and determining long-term funding levels. GGT’s planning process draws upon information gathered in the previous steps to identify an accurate budget and obtain funding commitments.

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